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The project consists of the construction of a 60 km paved road between the towns of Galkaio to Galdogob and a 20 km in between the villages of Bayra and Hala-bookhad. The road will have two 3.25m wide lanes with double surface treatment and two 1.25m wide shoulders as well as six Irish crossings and culverts. The project also covers the consulting services to supervise the road construction, In addition the project includes a technical assistance component for the strengthening of the Civil Engineering Department through the provision of experts and workshop equipment.The route will take a significant step towards road networks. It will benefit commuters, the trucking industry and tourists by connecting primary gateway facilities as well as facilitating access to the borders. This road project will help goods movers an efficient transportation corridor, while restoring the region and the community connected, and also improving quality of life for residents and local businesses.


The project aims at linking the west area of Mudug region of Somalia , which is rich in livestock, with the border of Ethiopia. The project will assist in the development of the country's production exports and in better utilization of agricultural land. The project is to improve the movement of the people and goods through the region to a neighboring border, providing improved connection of regional highway network, the highway is connecting Galkaio (capital Mudug region) and Galdogob (the biggest district of Mudug region).This project will also create a job opportunity, skills, and experience of road constriction for estimated over 100 local people. The highway program is to reduce travel times, particularly for heavy trucks and tourists, by providing a continuous highway to the border crossing point